Saturday, April 26, 2014

Undocumented People And US Taxpayers Will Continue To Be Buried Within and By Washington's Illegal Immigration/Reform Box

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Undocumented People And US Taxpayers Will Continue To Be Buried Within and By Washington's Illegal Immigration/Reform Box 

US and foreign corporatists want the undocumented to keep coming illegally to the US in order to refresh their supply of laborers flowing north and flowing south.  They want to make it harder for the undocumented to cross the border in order to make sure that only the most motivated and physically fit people illegally make it through.  Otherwise they keep dangling their immigration reform carrot in front of the future undocumented who will - by the millions and despite the dangers - take the insidious leap across our southern border. 

They want Americans to keep believing - despite years of evidence to the contrary -  that "border security" and billons more in American tax dollars will solve the illegal immigration problem.

Are you willing to consider the similarities between illegal immigration enforcement and enforcement against illegal drugs?  Decades, billions of dollars, millions of undocumented, and hundreds of thousands of people jailed and deported while both problems have actually gotten worse.

Are you willing to consider that Washington's crony enforcement industries fighting illegal immigration and illegal drugs profit by remaining ineffective? 

Are you willing to consider that Washington's arguments for and against immigration reform are designed to keep us all dumbed down to the fact that Washington's own NAFTA, CAFTA, and TPP trade policies with the undocumenteds' home country economic elite actually exacerbate illegal immigration?

Are you willing to think outside Washington's immigration box that continues to bury undocumented people at the border?


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