Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are Axel's Death and 100,000 Mexican Drug War Deaths Coincidental?

I start with two countries:  the US and Mexico.  The US has been fighting a failed drug war for over 40 years.  That war contributes to America having the highest prison population in the world.  Drug war proponents ignore bi-national drug abuse and drug addiction as health care and mental health issues.   In doing so, they put both countries citizens'  lives at risk. 

In 2006 Mexican President Felipe Calderon doubled-down on the failed US drug war strategy.  He ordered  50,000 of his own soldiers to go to war with Mexican cartels. Six years later 100,000 people (including many innocent women and children) are dead.  There are 25,000 missing, 230,00 displaced, and another 15,000 kids orphaned.   Despite government propaganda, over 50% of Mexico's citizens are poor or live in abject poverty as a result of this bi-national war.

Common sense dictates that our forty-year US drug war has become an industry of profit for US corporations.  Billions of dollars go towards drug enforcement salaries, equipment,  border militarization, and privatized security/prison budgets.

Common sense dictates that the Mexican drug industry is a historically vital source of profit for the Mexican elite.  Read "Drug War Mexico" by Peter Watt and Roberto Zepeda.  Learn how the organized  criminal Mexican narco-elite have been controlling Mexico's government, politics, economics, and institutions for almost 100 years. 

Do you actually believe that President Calderon intended on destroying the Mexican goose that has been laying those golden Mexican narco- eggs for nearly 100 years?   

Calderon's US backed drug war was (and still is) nothing but a governmental sponsored corporate (cartel) takeover of the competition.  Just as greedy US corporations use the government to drive competitors out of business (NAFTA, big oil, big agriculture, Wal-Mart, big Pharma, Wall Street Banks etc.), the Mexican cartels' elite use the Mexican military and law enforcement agencies to slaughter the competition.

Do you not find it a bit interesting that Sinaloa Drug Cartel leader Chapo Guzman, Mexico's foremost drug kingpin,  remains untouched  after six years of Calderon's war? 

So what if anything does all of the above have to do with Axel's murder?  We will probably never have a complete answer. Yet I do have questions for our bi-national leaders:.

·         Why does the US government remain silent about 100,00 people being killed in Mexico during Calderon's 6-year, failed drug war? 

·         Are US profits from Mexican oil, drugs and trade more important than people's lives? 

·         Despite a legacy of corruption and blood, why was ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon recently granted a prestigious fellowship at Harvard University?

·         Why do American and Global banks get away with laundering Mexican Cartel money (Wachovia and HSBC)?

·         How many more innocent children will have to die before the US and Mexican governments tell the truth about their failed drug war policies and motives? 



  1. Can you post some references? Preferrably on the one with the death toll and displacement statistics