Thursday, March 28, 2013

If Our Government Had Any Cajones

2 hours ago John fulano de tal
Politicians like McCain make a living out of selling ignorant American voters hope. See that woman so easily climb that fence! Proof we need more agents, higher fences, more drones, more prisons, more guns, more $$$$! I have heard this nonsense for over 30 years. It is all about creating profit by creating fear, and many US voters buy into it.

With the bi-national elite making 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, why is the minimum wage in Mexico 65 CENTS per hour? The Mexican undocumented would not come or stay here if they could make equal wages at home.
Earth to America, that is by design. We not only are paying the price for Mexico's undocumented (medical, educational, loss of jobs, loss of quality of life), we also vote in people like McCain who continue to promote this bi-national scam.

If our government had any cajones they would sanction Mexico until it started taking care of its own citizens.
But no, that would affect the US elite's profit here.

We have met the real enemy, and the enemy is us. 

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