Saturday, March 30, 2013

Calderon Speaking At Crony Universities @100K A Pop

In Response:

Do you ever notice how Washington predominately remains silent about the drug war violence in Mexico? Do you think Americans would put up with this level of violence if it were happening in the US?

Do you think that Americans would put up with our leaders using our military to go to war with drug gangs in the US? How long do you think that would last once it was it was learned that tens of thousands of innocent US citizens were being slaughtered in the crossfire, and that our military was just as corrupt and murderous as the drug gangs themselves?

Can you even imagine jumping in your car to take a trip and being held up at a roadblock where you are pinned to the floorboard of your car for over thirty minutes while automatic gun fire rages all around you?

Welcome to the lives of many of our good friends from Mexico. Where is the outrage from our politicians? Is Mexican trade and oil the bribe they get to keep their mouths shut?

Then Harvard University rewards retiring Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon with a fellowship and gives him a year's vacation in the US. Harvard does not mention Calderon's 100,000 drug war dead. No, they also keep their mouths shut as this tyrant tours the US speaking at crony universities for 100K a pop.

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