Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's About Greed Stupid!

Our Mexican border has always been a bi-national merry-go round in which the bi-national elite profit from Mexican labor at the expense of American taxpayers.

All of the immigration propaganda and political rhetoric are designed to keep American taxpayers "dumb downed" to this truth.

Do you actually think that the Mexican undocumented would come or stay here if they could make comparable wages working at home with their families? Do you know that the minimum wage in Mexico is about 65 CENTS per hour? Do you know that is 1.25 billion dollars in cross border trade is exchanged between the two countries on a daily basis? Do you know who is our number two source of oil? Do you know who is the number one foreign investor in Mexico?

Don't even get me started on the bi-national drug war scam.

It's about greed stupid.
This immigration scam is right up there with failed health care, the preventable Great Recession of 2008, the lies of the Iraq war, and Citizen's United (just to name a few).
Do you see how Harvard University recently granted Ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon a prestigious fellowship while paving the way for Calderon to speak at American Universities for 100K a pop? Notice how they never discuss the 100,000 dead, 25,000 missing, and 240,000 displaced as a result of Calderon's US backed, government sponsored cartel take over in Mexico.

Do you actually believe that Calderon either would or could destroy the goose that lays those golden Mexican drug profiting eggs?

We have met the enemy, and the enemy is us.

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