Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hero Rachel Corrie Died for What She Believed In

In Response:

Profit is more important to our corporate run government than not only own our lives but the lives of our children too.

A war based on lies in Iraq, a preventable Recession of 2008, a 40 year long failed drug war, a foreign policy that creates hatred, and a health care system designed to make profit for the rich at the expense and well being of the American citizenry.

We are not that much different than the people of Palestine. Maybe more hypnotized or tranquilized to what we think is comfort.

We too suffer and die at the hands of the 1%. The Israeli 1% hire leaders to use heavy machinery and weapons to bulldoze their way. The US 1% hire leaders to use banking, wars, laws, poverty and propaganda to bulldoze their way.

Out heart wrenching condolences to the Corrie's. Rachel is a hero who stood for what she believed in and paid the ultimate price.

I pray our citizens wake up and stand against the wrongdoings of our failed government.

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