Friday, August 26, 2011

Article: Calderon Calls On U.S. Society To Curb Its Drug Use

Here are a couple of articles for your information on the Mexican drug war and US involvement:


The US backed drug war in Mexico is creating the conditions for mass exodus/asylum.

I support US asylum for Mexicans persecuted by the US backed drug war. No governments are above the deaths of 40,000.

Maybe the good people of Mexico can peacefully persuade Washington to make Calderon clean up his act. How about 10 million undocumented and another 500,000 fleeing the drug war all protesting the war via asylum applications to the US?

You know they would not come here or stay here if they could make a decent living wage working safely at home. But without US drug and immigration reform, the bodies will keep piling up, and the elite who profit on both sides of the border will continue to do so at the dead's expense, and the expense of US taxpayers.

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  1. Yes, it would be nice if the United States could curb its drug use, but there are lots of things in this world that would be just as nice or nicer, and they won't happen either. Calderón is fighting a quixotic war against an immortal enemy. He and the United States should do the world a favor and decriminalize drugs immediately.

    The War on Drugs is not only one of the biggest American boondoggles ever, it is also its worst foreign policy mistake. After the dictatorship ended in Mexico (in 2000), the country lacked the institutions and civil infrastructure to deal with the massive, dollar-fed drug market. Prohibition should've ended years ago, before the narcos were able to infiltrate every last institution.

    Now it's too late. Decriminalization might help, but organized crime is firmly in control of Mexico.