Thursday, August 18, 2011

Forty Years of Failed Drug / Immigration and Forty Thousand Dead

Things are never what they appear to be when it comes to Washington politics and immigration.   They are masters at giving the appearance of doing something, when it fact, they do nothing.
I have worked as a Border Patrol Agent and watched this dog and pony show for over thirty years.  Generally, republican administrations pretend that they will boot them all out and democratic administrations pretend that they will let them all in.  Meanwhile the passing parades of politicians go by and nothing really changes much.
Voters’ heads are filled with so much propaganda that they seem to have only one or the other choice to make.   That one or the other myth is by our politicians’ design.   
You know this is very similar to failed health care, failed wars, failed economies, failed jobs, and the ever increasing cost of living.   The rich are getting richer at the US taxpayers’ expense.  And despite all of the rhetoric, they are getting richer at the undocumented’s expense too.
You want the truth?  Can you handle it? 
Forty years of failed immigration and drug wars and forty thousand people dead in Mexico.
We could stop this if you would educate yourselves and stand up for the truth.
This Narco News article below indicates the US and Mexican governments are in bed with the Mexico’s richest cartel leader.
Are you tired of their never ending lies and greed and want to peacefully do something about it?

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