Thursday, August 25, 2011

Congress: Shut Up and Decide

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How many of the pending 300,000 immigration case backlog will be administratively closed, or shelved, like the one in this article?

How many hundreds of thousands of low priority immigration cases (Dream Act, Mexican drug war Asylum, non-criminal workers etc.) are out there across our country who are not part of this 300,000? Perhaps 500,000, one million, or ten million?

What happens if all of those undocumented people line up at ICE offices across the country and ask for immigration hearings in order that their cases may in turn can be administratively closed?

Perhaps this will force our government to make real immigration reform decisions and not keep "kicking the can down the road"!

Congress: you can't have it both ways. Once and for all, you have to shut up and decide.

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