Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Ignorance only Matches Their Greed

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Suit dismissed in shooting death of Juárez boy by Border Patrol agent

The US and Mexican governments continually set up agents, kids, and drug users for these kinds of disasters. 
Meanwhile, the elite who orchestrate both governments’ failed immigration/drug wars continue to prosper while good people on both sides of the border are being killed.
Read all of the posts.  Back and forth the brainwashed argue (just as the elite want them to do).  How can it possibly be that everyone is right, and no one is wrong?
Forty thousand dead from the US backed drug war in Mexico that started with President Felipe Calderon’s “winning” the Mexican presidency in 2006.
Read what Professor James Petras has to say about the root cause of this nightmare:  
The Narco News article below indicates that Washington, Calderon, and Chapo Guzman are all in bed together trying to wipe out other cartel competition.

The greed that oils this machinery is no different than the greed that runs failed health care, failed mortgages, failed economies, failed wars, and the failure of the US middle class. 
Why does no one here question this horrid set up?  And if you question it, why are you not doing something about it?
Help me do something about it.
Our ignorance matches their greed.  Both will do us in if we let them.

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