Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Border is More Secure Than Ever?

The Border is Safe, Federal Officials Say

How in God's name can the border be more secure than ever when the US backed war on drugs in Mexico has left close to 40,000 people dead since 2006?

If it is so secure, do you see any politicians having lunch in San Ysidro, CA?

This is simply American propaganda brainwashing people into believing that the narco war in Mexico does not exist or endanger them.

This dog and pony show is no different than President Obama going to El Paso on May 10th of this year and dangling immigration carrots in front of the Mexican undocumented. Obama, Bersin, and the rest of these politicos ignore the Mexican narco and NAFTA crisis in Mexico and the truth about the US involvement in those crises.

Please read Professor James Petras in order to educate yourselves about what these puppets are not telling you.

How about this Narco News article indicating that the US and Mexican governments are in bed with Chapo Guzman?

Are you tired of their never ending lies and want to peacefully do something about it?

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