Monday, December 24, 2012

A Bi-National Problem

In Response:

Many Americans do not see that this is a bi-national problem. Mexico makes our drugs and we make their guns. The bi-national elite make unfathomable profits from this illegal set up while the good people on both sides of the border pay the price.

Banksters, privatized prisons, and the border industrial complex all profit from tax payer money. To ad insult to injury those same taxpayers not only accept but promote their own captors' lies as solutions the problem.

It's all about profit, propaganda and ignorance. The drug war can not and will not be won. There is no profit in winning it because all of the profit is made in prolonging it!

BTW, the undocumented come here because the 1% on both sides of the border profit from that set up too. They would not come here if that filthy corrupt co-conspirator of the US 1% took care of its own people.

The 1% who run our country care about us about as much about as the 1% who run Mexico care about their 99%. Zero, nada!

If arrogant Americans would wake up they might even consider joining forces with our good Mexican friends and stop this bi-national madness.”

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