Monday, December 17, 2012

"A Symbol of Corruption and Blood" - HKS Fellowship of Felipe Calderon

"A Symbol of Corruption and Blood"  -  HKS Fellowship of  Felipe Calderon

The petition asking Harvard President Faust to rescind former Mexican President Calderon's HKS fellowship has now surpassed over 6,300 signatures.

Over two thousand of those signatures came in a two day period resulting from this article in the Mexican Newspaper PROCESO

One Mexican woman by the name of Florele Sena from Tecouluta, Mexico commented on the petition website by writing  Calderon is "a symbol of corruption and blood". 

Ms.  Sena's comment is a symbol of the hundreds of comments received on the petition website.  Comments reveal  Calderon's 2006 presidency being forced upon Mexico despite overwhelming evidence of election fraud.  Then Calderon makes the fatal decision to use the Mexican Military to fight the US backed war on drugs in Mexico. 

Read these comments yourselves as many of the Spanish words are recognizable in English:  corruption, cartel connections, genocide, murder, US drug war puppet, civil rights abuse, total absence of morals, ethics, integrity, accountability, justice, and regard for the Mexican people, the shame of Harvard, and  Calderon's escape to the US for possible immunity from criminal charges.

Don't be fooled by the special interest propagandists  who tout that the majority of the  +/- 100,000 people killed in the Mexican drug war were mostly "bad guys killing bad guys".   It will never be known how many innocent deaths were caused by Calderon's own corrupt Military.  Put another way, this rhetoric  is simply an attempt by the Harvard decision makers and their allies to ease their own consciences and justify Calderon's disgraceful fellowship.    

How dare Harvard insult the intelligence of Mexicans and Americans who know and care about the truth of Calderon's presidency!  Calderon's fellowship at Harvard in nothing more than the "good old (Harvard) boy system" of the bi-national elite covering each other's backs.   Your propagandized  attempt to make Calderon a US drug war "hero" and an exemplary international  diplomat cannot erase his real world  legacy - " a symbol of corruption and blood".  

Finally, are there any Harvard students who will stand up against this insidious Harvard fellowship decision?  Or are you too going to shed your moral compasses with the hope of someday being  rewarded by the same "good old (Harvard) boy system"? 

All of this is a microcosm of our failing "special interest for profit"  government today.          


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