Thursday, December 27, 2012

American Exceptionalism: Crystal (Meth) Clear

In response:

Greed is such an insidious motivation to kill. Cartels use their thugs, governments use their soldiers and politicians use their lies and laws. At least the Mexican cartels' motives and actions are crystal clear.

I guess Americans should in some twisted way be proud that their addiction to drugs fuels this type of violence?

Opps, I forgot - "it's not our fault Mexico has so many problems".

Good old American exceptionalism. So many soldiers and law enforcement officers have died for that lie. We will too if we are not careful.

So if you are still able to question, look deeply into the bi-national 1%'s motives behind Mexican drug wars and illegal immigration. I know many of you will have to look beyond the obvious signs on your own town's street corners.

Bill Clinton championed NAFTA which pushed our undocumented population from 3 million to some 12 million. Someone profits from NAFTA, and it isn't me or you.

The undocumented would not come here if they could make a decent living wage at home. Are you naïve enough to believe that the American 1% does not in some way profit off of the undocumented and the status quo? Think big AGRA, big prisons, big politics, big hotel and garment industries etc.

And if you are not stoned on drugs, think big banks, big PHARMA, big weapons, big prisons, big drug war budgets, border militarization, CIA funding, and the never ending never to be won 40+ year war on drugs.

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