Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Probem is the 1%'s Greed

In response:

If we want to solve this problem we will have face the truth about the 1% greed that causes it.

Undocumented people do not cause this problem. The greed of 1% who export them from their home countries and the greed of the 1% who import them to the US are the problem.

For example, the Mexican 1% profit by exporting their poor (and their educational and medical expenses) while simultaneously "importing" money back to the Mexican 1%'s economy via remittances. That is slick.

Of course you know who is paying for all this or you would not bother reading this.

On the other hand the US 1% imports cheap labor, prison inmates, political capital and political proof that the US border needs to be for ever militarized.

Emotionally bind taxpayers blame the undocumented as if their angry cries for justice will someday be heard by the ruling 1%' s cronies. The illusionary carrot dangles in front of the taxpaying burros while the status quo grinds on unchanged.

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