Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Great Story Idea!

My name is John Randolph.  I am a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE Agent.  I have started a petition to Harvard University asking them to rescind the teaching contract of ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon.  Here is a published  letter to the editor of the Wicked Local of Cambridge, MA which contains my petition link:

I have 6,700 signatures to date.  I find the petition comments from many Mexican citizens to be of  particular interest.  Here is another link that  synthesizes  those messages of those Mexican citizens in the know: 

Here is another exciting twist.  A Mexican citizen by the name of  Educardo Cortes Rivadeneyra has taken the initiative not only to start his own similar petition, but to contact me by phone too!

This controversial petition idea has even been publicized in Mexico: 

This to me is a fascinating story of two people from different countries uniting through social media for an one important cause.

Please consider doing a story about Calderon, Harvard, and our petitions.  By the way, Eduardo speaks English fairly well, and I speak Spanish fairly well. 


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