Monday, December 24, 2012

So Many Ignorant and Insensitive Posts

In response:

So many ignorant, insensitive posts below.

I am not saying that Mexico does not have some of the most violent and corrupt people in the world.  They do just as we do here in the US too. Yet many posters carry this negative mindset which plays right into the game plan of the 1% profiteering bi-national elite.

Most Americans are unaware that the bi-national elite not only contribute to but benefit from failed drug and immigration policies. The 1% from both countries profit from illegal immigration. US taxpayers foot the bill and that is wrong. Yet most Americans typically believe the 1%'s propaganda and blame the undocumented for this problem when in fact the 1% who run both governments ensure that the systematic rape of those same taxpayers continues.

The bi-national 1% profit from illegal drugs. Cartel thugs, privatized prisons, security and border militarization corporations rake in the profit from this status quo. The drug war has drug on for over 40 years! US banks have blood soaked hands by laundering drug money from Mexico.

Educate yourselves. NAFTA destroyed bi-national jobs and brought on the largest influx of undocumented Mexicans ever. Who profits and who pays for that?

Mexico is America's 2nd largest source of oil and cross border trade equals 1.25 billion per day.

This is all about money. Profit between the rich in both countries dictates the bi-national drug and immigration policies. You are being used as pawns if you do not look beyond the typical 1%'s political rhetoric.”

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