Thursday, January 3, 2013

According to NRA Logic Drones Don't Kill People

My friends who love the NRA say that "guns don't kill people". 

Extrapolate that to death by drone.  "Drones don't kill people". 

Then bring that back to the title of this HP article: 
Pakistan: U.S. Drone Strikes Kill 13, Including Militant Commander Maulvi Nazir

The use of the term "drone strikes" puts the responsibility of killing on the drone, and not the guy or gal who fired the weapon;  not the supervisor who authorized the killing, and not on President Obama who ordered the killing.

No matter how they spin it President Obama orders the murder of human beings without due cause, and he is responsible for the murder of those human being, not the drones.  

No matter how the NRA spins it, the person who pulls the trigger with the intent of murdering human beings is responsible for murder, not the gun(s). 


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