Thursday, January 17, 2013

Americams: Bumper Sticker Stupid?

In response:

How to wake up Americans who are bumper sticker stupid? If the shoe fits you need to clear you mind and start educating yourself.

Question #1: Why would any government fight a losing war for over 40 years?
Question #2: Who in their right mind would start a drug war in Mexico following the advice (and taking the money) of the government of question #1?
Question #3: Why would the president of the country named in question #2 continue his insane, bloody drug war knowing that his own innocent people were being slaughtered in the process?
Question #4: Why would the government of question #1 take the president of question #2 and make give him a fellowship at HARVARD University (starting 1/28/2003)?

This is no movie folks, this is the real deal.

Help us tell Harvard "Just Say No" to Calderon. Google Petiton/Harvard/Calderon/
and sign!

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