Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Best Propaganda Snow Jobs of All Time

in response:

Absolutely the best propaganda snow jobs of all time.

Blaming the symptom and not the cause.  Hating the symptom, and not the cause.  Raging red at the symptom, and blind to the cause.

Think:  would the Mexican undocumented come or stay here if that corrupt so called government of theirs made sure that they were paid a decent living wage?   How come it has never dawned on you why US politicians seldom if ever criticize that corrupt, cartel run trading partner of theirs for the part that they play in illegal immigration to the US? 

It is like the war on drugs.  It isn't designed to do anything but perpetuate the status quo at your expense.

If you who act like burros would stop insanely charging the red flag and instead target the elite who wave it, we might have a chance of fixing this fiasco.    

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