Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sweet Drug War Deal for Them

The Mexican Drug War: the bi-national elite owning and profiting off of not only their illegal drug industries, but also their enforcement industries which fight the never ending war on drugs. Sweet deal for them.

We have been so bamboozled. Forty years of failure and how many cops and innocent people killed? How many people imprisoned? How many billions of tax payers' dollars funneled into US companies that profit off of this failure? Guns, ammunition, bullet proof vests, tactical gear, surveillance equipment, tanks, airplanes, border militarization, the enormous payrolls of the DEA, ICE, Border and Customs enforcement, all of the drug squads in all of the police departments across the US.

Wake up. Use the US backed drug war in Mexico as the current insidious example that it is. Calderon's six year long military drug war cost some 100,000 dead and 25,000 missing, while the elite cartel leader Chapo Guzman is just as free as the day the war started.

Record profits for bank's laundering money. Google HSBC.

How does the US elite reward their Mexican Drug War CEO in retirement? Well of course, a lucrative fellowship a HARVARD!

Google Harvard/Calderon/petition and voice your opposition!

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