Saturday, January 19, 2013

Harvard and Calderon: Insdiously Linked in Fellowship

Harvard and Calderon:  Insidiously Linked in Fellowship?
The bi-national US and Mexican elite are tied together by their mutual agendas for profit.  They control both governments,  trade, drug wars,  and many institutes of higher learning.  With these agendas for profit the bi-national elite disgracefully put their greed for money above human life and dignity. 
Bet your bottom dollar they take care of their own.    
The Harvard fellowship for ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon perfectly exemplifies how this bi-national conspiracy plays out.  Both countries' elite profit from the drug war.  Billions are made not only in illegal drug profits but in security and munitions sold for drug war enforcement too.  Needless to say, their drug war and illegal drugs not only kill human beings but also destroy the peacefulness of both countries' citizens too.  As a result of Calderon's failed US backed war, Mexico has suffered some 100,000 deaths and 25,000 missing.   US taxpayers foot the bills for not only their elite's failed enforcement efforts but for the incarceration and treatment expenses of the US addicted too.    
Yes these bi-national elite with their agendas for profit will certainly defend one of their own.
Put another way, the bi-national elite, their banks, and their drug war/educational institutions will profit despite the devastation of tens of thousands of peoples' lives on both sides of the border.  Now did Felipe Calderon work for the US elite or the Mexican elite or perhaps both?   Common sense says both.  Yet regardless of common sense we do know that as this man sidesteps the blood of his own nation he is accepted north as a Harvard fellow.   
Yes.  Harvard is staunchly defending its elite's selection of Felipe Calderon as a HKS fellow.  Or is it possible that Harvard will take heed to the thousands of petitioners' outcries about Calderon's murderous drug war presidency; outcries by people (primarily Mexican) who know the horrid truth?   

We the petitioners ask Harvard to make the moral  and honorable choice.  We ask Harvard to refuse to settle for being insidiously linked in fellowship with Calderon and his  legacy of "corruption and blood".  We ask Harvard's President Drew Faust to Deny Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon A Fellowship and Employment at Harvard.  

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