Monday, October 27, 2014

Americans Ignorantly Support Washington's Fallacious Illegal Immigration Narrative

In response:

Americans Ignorantly Support Washington's Fallacious Illegal Immigration Narrative

That includes those activists who demand that Washington "seal the border" and those activists who demand that Washington "stop all deportations". 

That also includes all of you who demand that Washington pass immigration "reform" that fails to address the root cause of illegal immigration. 

All of you are being played like suckers. 

In case you have not realized this, Washington's economic greed always trumps any social injustices said greed produces or could produce.   Just consider our government's response to health care, education, food, energy, poverty, the environment, the economy and illegal wars for starters.

I say that you ignorantly support Washington's fallacious illegal immigration narrative because that is all the vast majority of you argue about (keep 'em all out or let 'em all in) while never really considering the economic reasons that Washington lets the problem persist. 

I am not saying that the social injustices of illegal immigration are not important.  They are extremely important.  And if all that you argue about are the symptoms of illegal immigration (i.e. social injustices) and not the cause i.e. (poverty) you play right into Washington's insidious illegal immigration scam.

Keep 'em distracted.  Keep them frightened and upset.

Educate yourselves.  Illegal immigration is caused by our own government's foreign trade policies (i.e. NAFTA and CAFTA) and their 40+ year long failed drug war.  US corporations (i.e. agriculture, construction, foot processing, hotel-motel, fast-food) depend upon a never-ending supply of undocumented laborers.  The economies of Washington's corrupt, cartel-run trading elite depend upon the undocumented sending billions in remittances home annually.

Educate yourselves about our economic ties with Mexico.  Think oil and 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade:

See how our economic elite coddles Mexico's:

And the billons of US tax dollars pumped down Washington's crony, ineffective border security complex?

And for the "big picture" consider how US immigration policies are global:

Your choice.  Get to the bottom of this or continue their fallacious illegal immigration narrative.



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