Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Kleptocracy Parading As A Democracy Will "Fix" Immigration?

In Response:

Our Kleptocracy Parading As A Democracy Will "Fix" Immigration?

We live in a kleptocracy parading as a democracy.  Part of their scam is to brainwash voters into believing that one side or the other will "fix" immigration. 

Their system is actually running exactly as they planned it years ago:

millions of undocumented laborers exchanged for billions in remittances
billions in border security boodle for selected corporate elite
trade policies that widen the disparity in wealth in all countries involved
drug wars that produce billions for the cartels and drug enforcement agencies
a national political immigration narrative that hides the above
"terrorism" which not only distracts from but continues all of the above

We have to know what they are doing in order to have any chance of changing it.

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