Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shift Washington's Spoon-Fed Illegal Immigration Narrative To The Truth

Shift Washington's Spoon-Fed Illegal Immigration Narrative To The Truth

I ask readers to consider that our politicians' and Government's narratives about illegal immigration are designed only to give voters and all others debating immigration hope.  Hope that there is really a fix to this problem and that Washington is committed to solving it.

With that said and after working as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent for 26 years and studying this subject and their "war on drugs" for another 9 years in retirement - I believe this: 

Washington has no real intention of fixing illegal immigration because its corporate sponsors continue to rake in the most profit by Washington maintaining our broken illegal immigration status quo.

Illegal immigration is about profit.

Profit for those individuals or corporations who hire undocumented workers.  For example think of the US agricultural, food processing, hotel-motel, fast food, and construction industries.


Billions of dollars for the Washington's border security and drug enforcement industries

Billions of dollars in remittances sent back to Washington's NAFTA/CAFTA trading elite's economies

Political gain by politicians who push their immigration agendas and political careers

Billions of dollars for US corporations using foreign workers instead of hiring Americans

NAFTA/CAFTA foreign trade policies that ship American jobs out of the country for cheap labor

We have all been sold a lie.  Illegal immigration is ultimately about using the undocumented for labor and US taxpayers for billions in border security boodle. 

Notice how not one politician will discuss the possibility that our own Government's trade and drug war policies create poverty that exacerbate illegal immigration.  They also will not discuss in public how dependent our economy is upon that of their corrupt, cartel-run, poverty-producing NAFTA trading partner to the south.

If we do not shift Washington's spoon-fed illegal immigration narrative to the truth, nothing will change.


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