Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Focusing Upon Illegal Immigration Casualties - Not Its Causality

Focusing Upon Illegal Immigration Casualties - Not Its Causality

This is the insidious game that Washington's Immigration Profiteers have created and immigration activists (pro and con)  have bought into - lock, stock, and barrel.  

Decades of casualties.  Undocumented people forced to leave their homes and families in order to put food in their mouths.  Americans forced to absorb many of the medical/educational costs and unwelcomed demographic changes brought on by another countries' poor.  Innocent citizens from both America and the undocumenteds' home countries end up being abused and sometimes killed in the process.
And the cause?  Primarily it is poverty. 

Yet do we ever hear Washington politicians or immigration activists debate the economic factors that cause poverty, illegal immigration and the decades of suffering?

Illegal immigration does and did not just happen in a vacuum.  It is an ongoing process that in fact has become a way of life on both sides of the border. 

I would dare to say that it has become a multi-national economic institution:

NAFTA and CAFTA foreign trade policies create exclusive profit, disparities in wealth and poverty
US corporations profit off the backs of undocumented laborers
The undocumenteds' home economies benefit from undocumented remittances
US corporations profit off of billions of US tax dollars in border security boodle
US politicians profit off of the never-ending US illegal immigration argument
US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of never-ending illegal immigration while the undocumented and the bi-national elite reap its benefits

Stories as the one above are tragic and may sell papers;  they don't expose the cause of these tragedies. 

In that respect is the Council of La Raza part of the problem or part of a real solution?



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