Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Example Of Washington's Insidious Illegal Immigration Narrative and Bill of Goods

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Another Example Of Washington's Insidious Illegal Immigration Narrative and Bill of Goods

Everyone involved in this immigration story has been sold an insidious bill of goods via  Washington's illegal immigration narrative.

This kid and his Honduran family (and millions like them) bought into the American dream by believing that coming al Norte would give this boy a better life.

The de Jong's bought into the dream that providing a home for a disadvantaged, undocumented  kid would work out best for all involved.

Americans who have had it with illegal immigration tout this case as an example of Washington   effectively enforcing immigration laws.  They also believe that further enforcement would - once and for all - stop the problem.

Immigration sympathizers see this case as another sad example of America's need for humane immigration reform.      

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent who also once bought into Washington's Illegal Immigration ideologies, I see this case (and in particular people's reaction to it) as perfect examples of Washington's deceitful Illegal Immigration Narrative and Bill of Goods. 

Not one Washington politician will dare consider that US illegal immigration is a direct result of Washington's own foreign trade and drug war policies.  Said policies increase poverty, violence,  disparities in wealth and illegal immigration from the undocumenteds' home counties.

Not one will admit that their largest corporate campaign donors either use undocumented labor or obtain billions of US tax dollars as part of the US border security drug and immigration enforcement industrial complexes. 

Not one will admit that Mexico, one of our largest NAFTA trading partners, is dependent upon the billions of dollars in remittances and drug money sent south annually.

As sad as the story above is, it too simply reinforces Washington's illegal immigration "bill of goods" as it conveys yet another of the cancerous symptoms of the system rather than addressing the actual motives lurking behind it.

Yes, another example of Washington's Illegal Immigration Narrative and Bill of Goods.

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