Thursday, October 9, 2014

Washington's Illegal Immigration Narrative Falsely Gives Protestors Hope

In response:

Washington's Illegal Immigration Narrative Falsely Gives Protestors Hope

That includes all proposals for and against immigration  reform which are dictated by our Government's deceptive immigration narrative and regurgitated by its citizens.

Both sides are being played like fools.  Why?  Because these are the points Washington's immigration narrative does not address:

1.  US foreign trade policies that exacerbate poverty-caused illegal immigration

2.  US industries that profit from illegal labor

3.  US industries that continually profit from tax dollars being used for ineffective border/interior enforcement   

4.  US trading partners whose economies require billions of dollars in undocumenteds' remittances

5.  US industries that profit from the incarceration and deportation of the undocumented

So go ahead protestors.  Play right into Washington's insidious immigration narrative that diverts your attention away from the actual causes of illegal immigration.   Common sense dictates that attacking the symptom of deportations as a means by which to fix this decades-old system will again   prove to be fruitless.  And those of you who think that increasing deportations and border security as a means by which to fix this problem also are misguided. 

The problem of illegal immigration is not meant to be solved.  One has to educate his or her self to the actual underlying, insidious economic motives and the motives of the border enforcement industrial complex to maintain the failed status quo and keep the public in the dark. 

Washington's system of profitized illegal immigration for labor and border security boodle are no different than its 40+  year long, one trillion dollar war against drugs.  All of their never-ending profits depend upon their continual "fight" -  not a real fix.

Those profits also depend upon voters and protestors buying into their cunning narrative that camouflages the actual causes of illegal immigration.

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