Sunday, October 2, 2011

Does One Need Papers to Join the Occupy Movement ?

Have not the criminals on Wall Street and the corporate run immigration system not only raped U.S. taxpayers but raped the Mexican undocumented too?

Has not their profit programs of NAFTA and the War on Drugs coerced many Mexican undocumented to the US while simultaneously forcing them to be part of the U.S. 99% too?  

I invite all Dream Act Kids and other innocent undocumented victims of the U.S. corporate run immigration-for-greed system to protest as Wall Street occupants too. 

In fact after the world's greedy are exposed for what they really are, many of the undocumented would have the option of either becoming legal U.S. residents and/or returning to their home countries where they would be able to earn a decent, human, living wage there too.

The Occupy Wall Street movement protests all forms of corporate greed and tyranny.  It should also protest the abuse of the bi-national (U.S. / Mexico) corporate elite who not only rape the good tax paying citizens of the United States, but the good hard working people of Mexico too.  

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