Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mississippi Madness

 In response to LA Times Article: One man helps mount Mississippi's anti-illegal-immigrant movement

Do you ever wonder why these "law" makers seldom if ever criticize the corrupt, civil rights abusing Mexican government for its part in our failed immigration?
Do you actually think that the undocumented from Mexico would come here or stay here if they were paid a decent living wage at home with their families?  These people love Mexico and they love their families.  They come here because the Mexican government offers them nothing.  They have to feed their families.  They are coerced and lured by the elite on both sides to come to the U.S.  Please Google remittances from Mexico and see where their earnings go.
There is a reason that illegal immigration is never solved.  It is about the rape of the good people of Mexico and the good tax payers of the US.  Meanwhile, the 1% of both countries is laughing all the way to the bank.
American voters need to see the big picture behind the elite's immigration propaganda.  Then we will have a chance to fix this.

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