Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy the Border

The time in Mexico was over 40,000 + deaths ago.
The elite who run Washington and Los Pinos (Mexico's version of the White House) make too much money off of drug and immigration wars to do anything to stop them.

Obama coddles Calderon and turns a blind eye to the rest.  After all, Mexican oil is real important to said bi-national elite.  So is Mexican trade.  So is Mexican labor.  So are profits from NAFTA.  So are remittances sent home. 

This needs to be worked from the bottom up. 

Mexicans from Mexico and American supporters need to Occupy the Border.  Flood the system with drug war asylum exiles.  The undocumented within the US need to Occupy ICE.  Make Obama keep his word.  Flood the system with "low priority" (non criminal) immigration cases .  Break the system so they will have to fix it.

Hit them where it hurts them most.  Occupy the Border and slow down the billion dollar a day trade.  Get the attention of the world media.  Expose these failed and murderous drug and immigration wars at an international level.

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