Sunday, October 2, 2011

US Taxpayers, Mexican Undocumented and Occupy Wall Street

US taxpayers are being raped by the same elite who rape the Mexican undocumented.   Yet many voters  blame the undocumented, and not the elite.
Here is why the elite on both sides of the border rape not only US taxpaying citizens like lola, but the Mexican undocumented too.   Extreme greed because of NAFTA, US/Mexican trade, Mexican oil, profits from the US/Mexican drug industry complex, and cheap labor.

Of course the Mexican government gets millions in Merida funding, aid, and remittances sent back home by its own people.  That is the trade-off between the bi-national elite.  The losers of this deal are the American taxpayers and the Mexican people.  Forty thousand Mexican and some one hundred US citizens (including two US agents) have been killed due to the US back war for drugs in Mexico.

OWS is going to challenge all of these failed drug and immigration war policies. 
As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I encourage all abused US taxpayers, Dream Act kids, Mexican undocumented, and Mexicans drug war exiles to join the protests and stop this financial, human life, and human rights tyranny.  


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