Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupy ICE

In all my years as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I always wondered what would happen if the undocumented stopped playing the game. 
Note:  I speak of the Mexican undocumented because it is they who I am most familiar with.

Here is the game.  The bi-national U.S./Mexican 1% elite have created a sub class of dispensable human laborers.  The Mexican elite trade their own Mexican citizen poor for remittances, foreign aid, Merida funds, drug profits, oil profits, and trade.  The US elite receive cheap labor, political capital, NAFTA profits, oil, trade, maquiladoras, and arms profits in this deal. 

The real kicker - the bi-national 1% elite pays nothing in this game while receiving all of the profits!  Meanwhile, U.S. taxpayers, the Mexican poor and the middle classes of both countries pay in full for their parts.  Since 2006, forty thousand Mexican citizens and at least one hundred US citizens (two of which were U.S. agents) have died in the US backed Mexican drug war.          
 The game depends upon the 1% using immigration propaganda to blame the Mexican undocumented.  Propaganda maintains the 1%'s status quo while victimizing the undocumented and U.S. taxpayers.  American voters who are too overwhelmed by the other crises that the 1% has created believe not only the elites' propaganda, but also the elites' false claim that there is an enforcement fix to "secure" this border!  

The game also calls for the undocumented to play their part.  The undocumented have to accept their roles as illegal pawns in this game.  They have to run across the U.S./Mexican border like animals.  They have to hide in the U.S. like the Jews did in Nazi Germany.  They have to accept their fate. 
Or do they?

What would happen if the undocumented Occupied ICE offices like other protestors are occupying Wall Street?  What if they turned themselves in to ICE by the thousands? 
Yes, all of those undocumented who are "low priority non-criminals" simply go to ICE and say “Okay here we are, out of the shadows, and now make a decision."

The game as we know it ends when one side or the other stops playing it.  God only knows that the 1% will never stop, so it is up to the undocumented members of the 99% to make it stop.

I have been called a communist and a traitor for thinking this way.  I have two questions for those who say that:

#1 Would the Mexican undocumented (who make up approximately 50% of the all the undocumented in the US) either come or stay in the U.S. if they could make a decent living wage working safely at home with their families?

#2 Why does the American government seldom if ever criticize the corrupt, civil rights abusing Mexican government?    

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