Thursday, August 16, 2012

American Taxpayers Have Been Screwed by Whom?

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Mexicans make up over 50% of the undocumented coming to and living in the US.  Do you actually think the parents of these Mexican dreamers would have come to or stayed in the US if that corrupt, civil rights abusing 1% run Mexican government took care of its own?  Do you actually think that the 1% run US government does not benefit from Mexican oil, labor, NAFTA, drug profits, investments, and 1.25 billion in daily cross border trade?

Those who blame the undocumented are ignorant.  And that is exactly how the 1% on both sides of the fence want to who blame to be.

I am not saying that American taxpayers have not been screwed.  They have, they just don't really know why and by whom.

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