Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Illegal Immigration and Pavloff's Dogs

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I read many articles about illegal immigration.  Like Pavlov's dogs, this highly controversial subject rings the bell and posters who are angry about failed immigration start salivating and bashing the undocumented. 

Posters have every right to be angry.  They see the evidence in their own town's schools and hospitals.
I know from my own experience that US immigration policies are run by the bi-national 1% for political and economic profit.  The victims of their scam are not only the US taxpayers, but the undocumented too.   

I ask you to consider what I say.  Misdirected anger will never solve this problem.  It actually disguises and perpetuates it, and that is exactly what the 1% profiteers want.   

Take the time to read what our own US Dept of State writes about our relationship with Mexico.  

The bi-national 1%’s relationship with us is about corporate and cartel greed.  Think about their money being made in cheap labor, illegal drugs, privatized prisons, Mexican oil, 1.25 billion a day in border trade, failed drug wars, remittances, the militarization of the border, US investments in Mexico, and NAFTA.    

If Mexico took care of its own their people would not come here.  AND the 1% would not make the profit that they do maintaining the status quo.

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