Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Shadows Convention March"

Arianna I think we need a Shadows Convention March.  

Imagine thousands or hundreds of thousands of people marching in D.C. and across America while peacefully protesting your three tragic realities:  “the corrupting influence of money on our politics, the persistence of poverty in America, and the disastrous war on drugs”

I suggest that people carry signs but otherwise march in silence.   

Everyone would be well aware beforehand of the “Shadow Conventions March”, its topics and purpose.  The time to debate these three horrific realities is through.  Without debate, our politicians and government pundits would not quite know what to do with the silence.    

We also do not need to give the police a reason to cart us off to jail. 

We need to draw worldwide attention this march and its topics. Worldwide media attention and worldwide embarrassment transmitted through silence would drive the message home better than any typical protest methods. 

Please consider this Arianna.  Please consider using your status as a respected author, commentator, and head of the Huffington Post to help launch this idea. 

Such an event would help bring Washington and America to its senses.  

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