Sunday, August 5, 2012

The 1% Smile When the 99% Misplaces Blame

In Response:

There are many symptoms that occur as a result of the relationship between the US and Mexican rich and their respective governments.  

Every day about one and a quarter billion dollars in trade and one million people legally cross the border per day.  Then there are the drugs, money, and guns.  Billions in remittances sent back to Mexico each year.  NAFTA has hurt the citizens of both countries.  Mexico is the second largest supplier of oil the US and our third largest trading partner.  The US  is Mexico's number one foreign investor.  The minimum wage in Mexico is around 70 CENTS per hour, and the minimum wage in the US is $7.25 per hour.  The US sends funding and other resources to Mexico to help fight their drug war.  There have been some 60 thousand people killed in Mexico as a result of that drug war.

The Mexican undocumented make up over 50% of the undocumented in the US.  If their government AKA their 1% ruling class provided a decent living wage for their poor their poor would not come or stay here. 

Despite all of our governmental rhetoric and propaganda, mega US agricultural corporations are dependent upon undocumented workers to harvest their crops and profits. 

Yet many posters take the one symptom of the undocumented and angrily protest that one symptom as the cause and cure to all US immigration problems.  

And that the 1% smile when the 99% misplaces the blame.    

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