Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Caravan for Peace - A Godsend

This Caravan for Peace is a godsend.  It creates the space for us to talk about what they are doing.   

When I say “us” I am referring to the decent, hard working common people from both sides of the US/Mexican border. 

When I say “they” I am referring to the bi-national 1% super rich who run both governments.  It is “they” who try to brainwash us into believing that both governments are democracies run by and for the good of the people, when we know they are both oligarchies hired by the 1% for the profit of the 1%.    

They profit at our expense.  And as far as the insidiously failed, everlasting, US-backed Mexican Drug war is concerned, the bi-national 1% has profited at the loss of over 60 thousand lives in Mexico alone.

How else do they profit at our expense?

They profit from blood and sweat of Mexican labor – legal and illegal.   
They profit from illegal drugs.
They profit from weapons sales.  
They profit from the everlasting feigned enforcement of drug and immigration policies.
They profit from the militarization of the border.
They profit from 1.25 billion dollars a day of cross border trade.
They profit from Mexican oil.
They profit from billions of dollars in remittances.
They profit from money laundering.
They profit from NAFTA.

I hope that I am preaching to the choir.  They do not want us meeting like this.  They do not want us getting to know and love each other.  They don’t want us to see the lies that the border wall hides.  

I believe that deep down in their hearts they know they are wrong.  I believe that they know that their greed will destroy the world.  Deep down they hope that we will bring them to their senses.

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