Thursday, August 23, 2012

Voting to Fix Our Beat Up American Car

Voting to fix our beat up American car;  must it break before it can be fixed?  

 Let’s say Obama and the Democrats are our car’s engine.  It has run for years on a prayer and a promise.  We see the  smoke and hear the clatter.  It has a gazillion problems.  It needs a major overhaul as the engine knocks, sputters, and barely starts.  The valves and pistons are shot.  The car guzzles gas and burns oil like crazy.  Obama promises that our car is OK and to make the necessary repairs.  He never quite gets it fixed.  He can’t.  The jalopy is out of control as it careens down our treacherous, windy road.  He can’t stop it AND fix it at the same time.  Meanwhile, “We the People Passengers” lives are in danger.     

Let’s say Romney and the Republicans are the transmission of our car.  It too is only running on a prayer and a promise.  It needs  a major overhaul.  The gears slip and grind.  The transmission fluid is dark and thick as mud.  The majority of the time it simply spins and moans and goes nowhere.  Romney also promises that the car is OK.  He promises to make the necessary repairs, yet he can’t fix it either for the same reasons that Obama can’t fix it.   

We could really get into the debate about who really owns our car and who pays for its maintenance and chauffeurs.  For now suffice it to say that our car runs on a prayer and a dream, and God only knows how it still holds together.

Historically, “We the People Passengers” have acquiesced to a system of a simple vote;  fix the engine or fix the transmission.  Both parties spend millions trying to convince us which way to go.  Never mind that the 1% who runs our car has for themselves dozens of brand new cars and homes to put them in.  Never mind that they have made their money off of our money and our hard work.  Never mind that the real problem is that most voters are so busy keeping their own cars going that they don’t know where “We the People’s” car is headed. 

The 1%’s politicians keep telling us that it is the American way to vote to fix our car.  By God it is patriotic!  Look how this car got its start!  Look at how many people have died in wars just to keep it running!  Sure it has some problems and some work to be done, but it can be the best darn car in the world again!  Just wait and see!

I have had friends and family tell me that I have to vote.  “If you don’t vote the other side will win”.  “Yes I  know that you are voting for the lesser of two evils – you still have to vote!”  “If you vote for Jill Stein the Republicans will win, just like when Nader ran!”

Well, I don’t think I am going to vote.  I would rather go to a demonstration.  At least there I can carry a sign, sing, and express myself.   Maybe I will get arrested as proof that I took a stand for something I really believe in.

Otherwise, I say let's get out of car American in order to avoid being in a major accident with multiple fatalities!   Let the damn thing break down.  Maybe then “We the People" can fix it and save the lives of our kids and grand kids. 

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