Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For the 99%, Mitt and Ann

For the 99%, Mitt and Ann

Questions for the 99% - how many multimillionaire friends do you have?  How many people do you know who stash money in over seas accounts and tell you its perfectly legal?

Comments to Mitt and Ann:  it's cool that you have lots of money.  It is not cool if Mitt used El Salvadoran assassin's money to get Bain Capital started.  It is also not cool if Mitt and Bain destroyed American companies and jobs to get financially ahead.

Ann - don't give me sob story that you know what it is like to come from my side of the tracks.  You not only do not know, you can't know. 

Comment and Question for Mitt:  your choice to not reveal your taxes tells me that you have something to hide.  If it was OK for your dad George to agree to it, why shouldn't you?

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