Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Schizophrenic Immigration System

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This lawsuit perfectly reflects the schizophrenic immigration system that agents are asked to work within.   It is the trickle-down effect.  I know this because I used to work within it too.

Here’s an example:  The US Border Patrol Checkpoint located in California on Interstate 5 (San Clemente) used to shut down at 5PM every Sunday because of public complaints about backed up traffic coming north from San Diego.  God forbid the US Border Patrol inconvenience those weekend tourists for an extra half an hour or so!

Meanwhile - guess when all of the crooks who smuggled aliens and illegal drugs drove their shipments through? 

Another example:  During the mid 1980’s Washington and INS investigators knew that at least 50% of the recipients of Amnesty obtained their “green cards”  by fraud. 

Immigration politics and policies are directed by the 1% who “hires” whichever political party is in Washington.  It is not about the rule of law, common sense or what is most feasible.  It is about who
can make the most profit (financial, political, and economical) at the expense of US taxpayers and the undocumented.   

Illegal Mexican immigration constitutes over 50% of the undocumented in the US.  Would these (over one-half of all the undocumented) come or stay in the US if they could make a decent living wage at home with their families?   Have you ever heard a US politician complain about the part the corrupt Mexican government plays in US problems with their citizens? 

Wake up people!  This is the bi-national 1% ripping you off.  They only care about the status quo of 1.25 billion a day in cross border trade, cheap labor, illegal drug profits, Mexican oil, drug wars, and NAFTA.

Read how our own US Department of State describes our i.e. the
1%’s relationship with Mexico:

Do you want to do something about this and other 1% run government rip-offs to “We the People”?

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