Sunday, September 4, 2011

If I Were Illegal

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I used to be a border patrol agent. I often wondered what it would he like to be from the other side of the fence.
The vast majority of the people who I encountered were hard working, honest, good people.
We caught the real criminals to. ICE and USCP still do and they deport them by the thousands. God bless our agents.
I imagine if I were born in Mexico and faced the poverty and corruption that they face, I would come north too. I would love my family and send money home. I would miss my country and wish things were different there. Especially now, with a US backed drug war that has left close to 40,000 dead (including at least 2 US agents and one hundred US citizens).
Most anti immigrant folks don't want to hear the stories of the undocumented. The stories make them wonder just what it would be like to be in the undocumented's shoes. It is much easier to make the undocumented the problem and the solution all wrapped up into one fix: seal the border and boot those "criminal invaders" out.
Unfortunately, Americans are so busy trying to make ends meet that they do not have time to uncover the truth about illegal immigration. Yet, that is no excuse. The failed policies of immigration cost us all in one way or another.
I say failed immigration is by the design of those who profit from its failure. The undocumented don't profit, they just survive while providing support of their families at home too. Google remittances from Mexico.
The real profit goes to the US corporations and our corporate run government. They are the ones who profit from NAFTA and the shipment of jobs to Mexico and China. BTW, don't say the Mexican maquiladora workers "profit" because they do not. They survive on about $10.00 a day, not per hour.
We all know that the elite, corrupt, cartel run government in Mexico profits from US failed immigration and drug wars.
So profit goes to the elite on both sides of the border, and US taxpayers and the Mexican undocumented pay the price. So why do American voters blame the symptom (the undocumented) and not the cause (the greed of the elite)?
Americans must discover the truth beyond our two party immigration rhetoric. Then and only then can they act to stop it.

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