Sunday, September 4, 2011

Response to Denver Post Article

Denver's immigration courts still tough despite new federal policy allowing enforcement discretion

Thank you to Nancy Lofholm and The Denver Post for keeping us up to date on this important immigration topic.

My understanding is that this "New Federal Policy" lets government attorneys take these "low priority" cases and close them administratively. In other words, the government (for the time being) does not pursue these cases and shelves them.

This link is a Consumer Advisory discussing the "New Federal Policy"

While I am sure that the persons who have their cases closed administratively are happy, what in fact will be the future of their cases?

They are not given any legal status out of this "New Federal Policy". Also, what is to stop a 2012 anti - immigrant administration from coming in and reopening all these cases for deportation?

I see this "New Federal Policy" on one hand as another glaring example of our failed immigration system. On the other hand it represents exactly what politicians have done with immigration issues for decades.

They make lots of promises for votes, and when the voting is all done, little if anything ever changes. That includes the political arguments from the left and right and all points in between. They never seem able to stop it or fix it. And why should they? The rich who put them into office profit at their never ending immigration/drug wars and their corresponding political platforms.

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I have had it with their promises and lies. I see an opportunity now for US taxpayers and the undocumented to align and force Washington to make change that will benefit all concerned.

I support peacefully overloading the immigration hearing system with so many "low priority" cases that it will melt the system down. Once organized properly, the undocumented could boost that 300,000 case backlog to several million or more.

And don't buy into the targeting criminal hype. The majority of the 300,000 case back log is for minor offenses. The real hardened foreign criminals from our prisons are arrested and deported by ICE and USCBP on a routine basis.

To further drive the message home I support US asylum for all Mexican citizens who need to flee the US backed drug war in Mexico. Forty thousand people have been killed since the US supported Mexican President Felipe Calderon in staring the drug war in 2006.

This plan sounds scary to US taxpayers who fear even more people coming to live in our country. With that said, this plan also brings the possibility that Washington will finally face up to the Mexican government and sanction them until they stop the drug war, human rights violations, and start taking care of their own citizens.

We have more economic leverage over Mexico than you realize. They are our number three trading partner.

The overwhelming number of undocumented people that I have met would prefer to go home or stay at home if they could simply make a living wage working safely near their families.

We have to do a grassroots protest to bring these to governments to their senses. Otherwise nothing of any significance will change. The elite who run our corporate government and the elite who run the Mexican government have had for decades no reason to change. ... 43799.html

http://twopesos-protestfortheundocument ... chive.html

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