Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Worry About Terrorists?

Why worry about terrorists­? The stupidity of Americans will cause the fall of our country long before any terrorists­' plots will.

Why does Washington seldom if ever criticize the corrupt Mexican government for even simple things like not providing a decent living wage to its own Mexican citizens?

Do you actually think that the Mexican undocument­ed would come or stay here if they could make a decent living wage working safely at home with their families?

If you would spend 1/2 the time you spend blaming the symptom (the undocument­ed) and instead educated yourselves as to the cause (the greed of the bi-nationa­l elite) then and only then could we find our way out of this mess.

I guess that is asking too much. Just keeping on swallowing the hype, hook ling and sinker.

See how far you propagandi­zed brains can get with what Professor James Petras writes:

You regurgitat­e exactly what the rich want you too. I have more respect for the undocument­ed. At lease they know who is raping them.

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  1. Hi- I'm a producer for Radio Netherlands Worldwide- is this the blog of John Randolph? If so, I'm interested in speaking to you for our show. It's called The State We're In, and it's all about the way people treat each other around the world.

    Please get in touch at I look forward to hearing from you.