Saturday, September 10, 2011

US shows solidarity with Mexico at 9/11 tribute

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Charge d'Affaires John Feeley  said, "You don't fight alone. We march with you bearing the scars and grief of our own battles against evil."

Here we go again.  Pumping our money into another war against evil, while behind the scenes, funding the same evil that we are battling against.  The US arms the corrupt Mexican government via Merida Funding, while at the same time, US gun manufactures profit indirectly by arming the cartels.

Isn't there a bit of a conflict of interest there?

Will the US stand in solidarity with the citizens of Mexico when the time comes to pay tribute to the 40,000 Mexican citizens killed from the failed US backed war on drugs in Mexico?

Or will you do some dog and pony show with the US backed puppet in place?  If you wait long enough, the death toll will hit 50, 75, or 100 thousand.

Will the citizens of the US ever say "Estamos hasta la madre" (we have had it) with failed US immigration and drug policies? 

As far as the drug war is concerned, the good people of Mexico are saying it.  They have had it with the US and Mexican elite destroying their society.  The same elite who rapes US taxpayers, only those tax payers blame the symptom (the undocumented) and not the cause (the bi-national elite and their greed). 

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