Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Presidental Candidate Rick Perry - A Couple of Questions

Who do think supplied the labor to build all of those fancy homes in Texas? Do you think that even one of those Texas homeowners cared diddly squat that the majority of those laborers constructi
­ng and maintainin­g there beautiful homes were or are undocument­ed?

Mr. Perry, as President of the United States, what will you do with all of the Dream Act Kids who qualify for President Obama's recent decision to use "prosecuto­rial discretion­" in their immigratio­n court cases?

Obama has kicked this immigratio­n can down the road to you. Are you going to continue to leave these kids in legal limbo and not support a new law to legalize them? Or are you going to try and please the Republican hard liners and reopen their cases for deportatio­n?

Mr. Perry as president will you consider sanctionin­g the Mexican government until they provide
a decent living wage for their own citizens? Everyone knows that they would not come here or stay here if they could make a decent living wage working at home safely with their families.

Will you sanction the Mexican government until they stop the war for drugs that has left 40,000 people dead in Mexico since 2006? Or will you keep giving those corrupt government officials our Merida fund tax dollars to help them wipe out cartel competitio­n?

The chickens will come home to roost on failed US immigratio­n and drug war policies.


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