Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama: Immigration reform requires changing the law.

Obama: Immigration reform requires changing the law. 

President Obama admits that his deportation policy change of August 18, 2011 is not immigration reform. 

Did President Obama use this prosecutorial discretion announcement with the intent that it have the appearance of some type of immigration reform?

On one hand President Obama can rightly be criticized for pulling a slimy publicity stunt for Latino votes.  On the other hand with this move President Obama pushed this issue of America's undocumented further out into the light. 

I suppose at some point congress is going to have to deal with this.  Yet who knows.  Congress may just keep kicking the can down the road too. 

Another immigration issue that could backfire on Washington is the US backed drug war in Mexico.  That war has left 40,000 people dead and could create a exodus from Mexico.  US asylum laws are there to protect citizens of other countries from being persecuted.

Decade after decade Washington continues to try to navigate (or hopes to float through) these dangerous immigration waters.  At some point the reality of the iceberg that is Mexican immigration will have to be reckoned with. 

In some ways it is similar to our national debt, no?

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