Sunday, September 11, 2011

Immigration Is Not Broken

I believe the US immigration system is actually not broken.  It is running exactly how those who designed it and those who profit most from it want it to run.  The US and Mexican elite profit from the immigration status quo and love the fact that Americans citizens fight over it while their politicians flounder by design. 

The rich from both the US and Mexico bankroll their respective elections and stick their smiling candidates’ faces in office.  Those “elected” politicians ensure that their bosses’ immigration policies seldom if ever change.  Don’t believe what they say.  Believe your eyes.  For decades this fiasco has operated exactly as designed.

The American people know it is broken, but since when do they have a voice in this?  They know what is going on with failed mortgages, failed heath care, and failed economies.  As of yet they are not sure about this immigration scam.  That reveals the insidiousness of it.  The elite’s propaganda has clouded their vision.
And the US backed drug war in Mexico, with 40,000 dead, is the ultimate example of their greed in action mowing down human beings in the process. 
It isn't broken.  It is running exactly as designed. 

We need to be smarter than the rich.  The undocumented are a symptom, not the problem.  We could align with the undocumented and use current immigration laws to break the back of their system.  Then with the entire World’s eyes upon them , they would have stand for the principles of democracy and fix it.

One huge fix would be to sanction the corrupt Mexican government until they take care of their own good people.  That would cure about 50% of our problem.

When will Americans wake up and act?


  1. I agree with pretty much everything you say in your blogs except one - that the primary solution is for the Mexican government to treat their citizens right. You probably know better than most that the Mexican government is under the control of the US government. That may be the only reason why Mexico hasn't gone socialist like so many Latin American countries. Mexico is just too close to the US, and too large, for the US government to allow Mexico self-determination. So the first step is to free Mexico from US domination, preferably by the US government just backing off. Another big step would be for all residents of the US to boycott illegal drugs, completely. That would pull out the rug from under both countries, and maybe while they're wondering what happened, the people of both countries could actually cause some good to happen.

  2. Thank you for your comment thatonetoo.

    Money is stuff that bonds the two governments together. Mexico is our number two trading partner. Clinton recently said a billion dollars goes both ways daily.

    Money is why the US tries to overlook all of the faults of so its so called friendly democracy to the south.

    Just as with Libya and its oil, Washington turns the old blind eye to the human rights issues in order to cash in with corrupt countries. In the case of Mexico it is oil, trade, labor, and drugs.

    The idea of American's quitting drugs is not realistic.

    The human rights issue is another thing all together. If Washington's real influence and power over Mexico are exposed for what it is, they will have to do the right thing.