Friday, September 9, 2011

Will wonders never cease: Congress mulls immigration fixes

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Mull is the operative word here.  Washington has been mulling over immigration issues for years, with very little if any action. As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, one question has bothered me since my tour of duty started in 1979.
Why do US politicians seldom if ever criticize the corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in our immigration problems?
Now I think I know.  Washington does not want to rock the boat of the bi-national elite who bankroll the politicians who run both governments.  It is kind of like don’t bite the hand of the greedy who feed you.
Both US parties toss this political hot potato back and forth.  Both parties use it to get elected and make careers.  Both point their fingers at the other side and blame them for their screwy ideas.   Both parties have divided Americans and made them very angry.  One party waves the seal the border flag, and the other waves the amnesty flag, yet both parties continue to falter when it comes to real change.  And, neither party is willing to do anything but that which they always do. Hence, twenty five years after the amnesty program of 1986, the insanity goes on.
Do you know that Mexico is our number two trading partner and that we buy lots of cheap oil from them?
Do you know what US NAFTA did to the small Mexican corn farmers?
Do you know what US NAFTA actually increased the number of  undocumented crossing to the US?
Do you know that our tax dollars are being sent to the Mexican government via the Merida Initiative to fight the war on drugs?
Do you know how many people have died in the failed US backed war on drugs in Mexico?
Do you know that at least one US bank was fined for laundering Mexican cartel drug profits?
Finally, are you willing to entertain the idea that the US and Mexican elite might be in bed together and are holding hands all the way to the bank?
Are you starting to understand why Washington coddles Felipe Calderon and his Mexican government?  Surprise, surprise, it’s all about money, control, influence, and power.
Yes, I worked for Uncle Sam and I was a fine Border Patrol Agent.  I was and am honest.  I did my job with kindness and respect.  By the way, I have no use for the real criminals.  I actually worked with DEA in California and saw some foreign nationals get life sentences for running meth labs.  Don’t let the jail door hit you in the rear when they close it on you for life.
The jury is out on the rest of the shenanigans above.  Americans are brainwashed by the political dog and pony show of immigration.  They blame the symptom (the undocumented) and do not see the cause (the greed of the rich).
To me failed Immigration is very similar to failed health care, failed mortgages, failed economies, and the decline of the middle class.  We the people are getting ripped off as they the elite profit.   
 Like me, maybe you know something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it. 
I have an idea that would shake up the elite on both sides of the border like never before.   It will call for open minds.  We have to call these folks to the carpet somewhere, and the time is ripe for immigration protest that the world will hear.

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