Monday, September 5, 2011

All the Way to the Bank

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The rich in the US and Mexico are laughing all the way to the bank as they observe American taxpayers argue and argue and argue about Mexican immigration.

You have to have been around for awhile to understand this recurring nightmare. I actually worked as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent for 26 years, so I have that perspective too.

I speak specifically of Mexico because Mexico is our neighbor and has the most undocumented people here in the US.  I combine illegal immigration from Mexico and illegal drugs from Mexico because the two are so closely tied together.

Consider these points:

The American corporate elite profit at the expense of US taxpayers and the Mexican people by our failed immigration and drug enforcement systems.

The Mexican cartel elite profit at the expense of US taxpayers and the Mexican undocumented by our failed immigration and drug policies.

The elected politicians of both respective countries are put into office by each country’s elite.

The plan or goal of the elite of both countries is to continue to profit at the expense of US taxpayers and the Mexican undocumented.

The political propaganda and rhetoric of the elected officials in both countries and in both parties in Washington is designed to bury the above truth and divert the blame and responsibility to the undocumented, not the elite.

So back and forth the argument and elections go.  The immigration tug o war goes on and on while
little if any real change ever happens. One fact that changes upwardly is the profit margins of those who are in charge.  Another fact that changes upwardly is the death toll in Mexico of the US backed drug war there (close to 40,000 dead). One area that continues to decline is the lifestyles of the American taxpayers.  All this is very similar to failed mortgages, failed health care, and failed economies.   

Obama’s latest deportation policy change is a farce.  He is simply putting cases on the back burner in exchange for votes.  Republicans can come along in 2012 and reopen all of these closed cases for deportation.  It is a sham that has sucked us all in.

If American voters would just unhitch from the elite’s programmed propaganda (for profit) and think for themselves, we could actually use failed immigration as a way to expose the truth.

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